Know Your Code
By: Nathaniel Young


Industry leaders met this week at the Fairmont San Jose for the Adult 2.0 conference, where attendees such as Porn Hospice and Ectopoint met to discuss the intersection of technology and pornography.

Keynote speaker Molly Kendall gave a rousing speech discussing the need for continued innovation in the industry. Those familiar with porn technology will know the adult entertainment industry has long been a leader in innovation, piloting a variety of new tech—everything from instant cameras and VCRs to streaming video and online credit card transactions. Some would argue that, without pornography, there is no technology. But newer tech—such as webcams and video streaming—has put pressure on the industry, as consumers no longer need to purchase DVDs or magazines to get their rocks off. Kendall encouraged attendees to go beyond current pornography revenue streams and look forward to VR porn and apparatuses.

Kendall—CEO of the mega­porn­conglomerate Intersite Content, whose sites include Poop on My Wife, Nonconsensual Santa and Brutalized Assholes—has long pushed for more innovation in pornography, always emphasizing improvements in user experience and, thus, maximizing revenue. Intersite’s credit card encryption, for example, has long outperformed other sites’ to give users peace of mind, and Intersite made news last year when many of their sites added the female­-friendly “skip the blowjob” button to their videos. Brutalized Assholes was never the same.

Other talks at the conference discussed maximizing ad click­through rates, camera stabilization in POV blowjob work and wearable tech in fetish devices. Attendees left the conference with a greater understanding of porn technology, as well as gift bags including phone backup batteries, cloud storage coupon codes and condoms (some technology doesn’t change). Notably absent were any adult DVDs—perhaps the most glaring indication of the industry’s commitment to leaving outdated technology behind.

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