Know Your Code
By: C.J. Cantwell


Homicide Energy Drink, known for its publicity stunts, upped their game this week when they live streamed a giant Homicide-can jumping between two buildings. While the general public was no doubt excited to see Blaine “Insane Blaine” Scott perform one of his famous stunts (who can forget the Grand Canyon BASE jump or the ring of fire skydive), compression nerds were far more excited to see Endframe’s live stream, which was the first use of middle-out compression to stream video content.

Normally, events streamed over the internet are on a slight delay—this is to account for any buffering your machine needs to do to avoid jolting skips and starts. But middle-out, lossless compression at Endframe’s level—their Weissman score is an impressive 5.1—means these events can be streamed in real time with a fraction of the delay. So unlike primitive live stream technology—while you’re wondering if Blaine will make it across, the man’s already safe and in his wife’s arms—when Blaine landed on that second roof, he actually landed on that roof. In 4K video, no less.

Endframe’s CEO Marc Howard has stated the company looks forward to partnering with other brands to give their companies the Endframe experience, and time will tell if this technology can be scaled to cover live sporting events and other longer-form video. In the meantime, however, check out Homicide’s killer stunt here:


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