Know Your Code
By: C.J. Cantwell



Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti has joined forces with his old friend Erlich Bachman to form Bachmanity Capital, a microfund set to become “the Uber of VC firms, sure to be on the level—nay above—the likes of Greylock, Andreessen Horowitz et cetera and so forth.”

Since he left Hooli XYZ with acclaim, Bighetti has been running an extremely successful incubator in Palo Alto known for its top talent and luxury amenities. The tech developed under Bighetti has attracted the interest of Hooli, Google and Facebook, cementing Bighetti’s legacy of creating and fostering game-changing tech in the Valley. Bachman also has an incubator in Palo Alto.

Bighetti’s partnership with Bachman symbolizes a return to his roots, as it was at Bachman’s own incubator where Bighetti got his start along with Pied Piper founder Richard Hendricks. It’s easy to imagine the two young tech geniuses in Bachman’s humble home, typing away at their respective code, changing the world line by line as they sat next to each other in a dilapidated living room.

While a representative advised Bachmanity Capital will be a “future tech behemoth,” the fund for now remains small, with resources for funding totaling approximately $20 million and $36,000. Despite its size, the fund will surely benefit from Bighetti’s leadership. As of this writing, Bachmanity Capital has not made any investments.

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