Know Your Code
By: C.J. Cantwell


As lead partner at Raviga Capital Management, Laurie Bream ran a tight ship and was known for her supreme logic, attention to detail, and aversion to eye contact except when absolutely necessary. Now the savvy venture capitalist has created her own fund, Bream-Hall. As the name would indicate, she brings with her Raviga’s Monica Hall, who worked under Bream as an associate partner. Hall was long known as a driving force at Raviga, and she’s said to be one of the very few to work closely with late founding partner, Peter Gregory.

The two women will act as managing partners of Bream-Hall, and Hall told me over the phone she looks forward to the challenges and opportunities the new venture has to offer. When asked if she had anything to add to Hall’s comments, Bream said, “No,” and cut the call off.

The fledgling fund has already made waves by scoring a Series A for this year’s hottest tech “get” in the Valley: Keenan Feldspar’s Retinabyte, a company said to have created the new standard in VR goggles. Feldspar’s choice to go with Bream-Hall certainly is a vote of confidence for the firm, as Feldspar was pursued by most, if not all, of Sand Hill Road.

Note: Per an anonymous tip, this article failed to mention that Bream-Hall has also hired Valley investor Erlich Bachman as an associate partner.

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