Know Your Code
By: Nathaniel Young


It used to be you could send a card and a tub of popcorn to seal the deal, but recruiting in the valley has changed as fast as technology itself. We spoke to top recruiting firm Twen-X—which works with clients like Hooli, Endframe, and Gittawonk—to get the scoop on what it takes to score the best candidates today. They didn’t give us all their secrets, but we did find out why people call them the Uber of recruiting firms (hint: they usually send a car).

As Twen-X told us, most candidates don’t list a company’s benefits or salary as the prime reason to choose one position over another—candidates often just say they had a “good feeling” about the place. And good feelings, like everything else in Silicon Valley, can be engineered. When you make contact with a candidate, says Twen-X, it’s important to make an impact. These days, swag isn’t enough. Engineers have enough hoodies. What will make them remember you is a personalized approach.

Big questions abound: Should you send over an Oculus Rift or does VR give them motion sickness? Would Doughbies make their day or are they on a diet? Will they be creeped out or flattered if you show up at their birthday party? These aren’t things candidates aren’t going to list in their LinkedIn profiles. Connectifier alone can’t help you. It’s persistence and sincerity that will get you the employees you want. And sending a car to take them to their meeting never hurts.

Does this all sound like too much work? Hey, you can always hire Twen-X.

This article was sponsored by Twen-X. Code/Rag’s Sponsored Content program offers prominent companies opportunities to partner with Code/Rag’s prominent staff writers to create custom content.

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